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Poppy Who?

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I am a 27 year old fairly ordinary girl, with 2 parents, 2 siblings and a puppy named Button. Born and raised in the home counties. Described by my mother, and in multiple school reports as "if only we could channel her energy into something productive", wedding photography is an excellent use of my excess liveliness. 

Having always had a secret interest in photography, but 'politely suggested' science subjects would be a better use of my time, half way through my degree in Human Biology some crazy people asked me to photograph their wedding in July 2013. PANIC. they want me to photograph THEIR WEDDING, ME! (what?!)

I contacted a then mere acquaintance, and now close friend, about a recent wedding he shot for advice. Little did I know he also had no idea how to photograph weddings, but he knew how to photograph other things. So we worked the weddings out together, and I owe 99% of what I know to him. Check out the awesome Seth Baines here. Legend.  

Skip forward 5 years, 178 weddings, 146 families, and an artist and Poppy Maltby Photography is what it is today. 

When I am not running around a wedding receptions with a camera, I can be found on the ice attempting to pull some vaguely graceful figure skating moves or at the theatre trying not to sing along too loudly to musicals.

Some of my favourite things in life include, skiing, harry potter, walking in the rain and gin. 


THE APPROACH.  to weddings.

I photograph weddings, how I would like to be photographed if I had a wedding.

I hate having my photograph taken, and am the most awkward person to photograph. My aim is to make couples forget they are being photographed, and let them concentrate on each other and having fun. The idea of posing somebody fills me with dread and horror, a little bit of guidance and a lot of laughter achieves the same (if not better) result with much more natural photos. On your wedding day I spend MAX 15 minutes taking 'formal photos', and 20 minutes in the evening on a cheeky walk. This walk, usually just around the reception venue grounds, a nearby field, or lake is the time for you to take a breather, away from the main wedding, and enjoy each others company in your freshly married states. We always have a bit of fun and take some natural shots, just letting the freshly married  love flow. For the other 12 odd hours of the day, I am here there and everywhere, catching the action as it happens. I have developed a great skill for anticipating moments, so can be in the right place to capture the best bits as they happen! 

If this sounds like your kind of thing, and would like my photographs of your wedding then get in contact! 


**DISCLAIMER. Spelling is not my forte, I hereby excuse my self from the inevitable errors in any communication I may have with you.**